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"I have a bad habit of always trying to help someone."


Jeffrey Gresham, the founder and president of Clay-Vic LLC is an Independent Associate of LegalShield. He has been associated with LegalShield since 2005. When first introduced to these services he immediately saw how it was a needed benefit for the average family and has been spreading the news ever since.


Jeff has always had a heart of a servant. He is a retired civil servant after 30 years in the field of Civil Engineering. Since his retirement he has become a pastor of a small church and continues to serve. He jokingly says, "I have a bad habit of always trying to help someone". From this spirit of servanthood he birthed Clay-Vic with the tagline "Now Serving". 

Jeff is looking forward in serving your needs. Whether it is your family, your business, your church or your school. He is providing a very valuable service that is timely, relevent and helpful.

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