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Delivering affordable access to the legal system for the average family and small business.
Legal Services Plans

You deserve affordable access to the legal system. You don't have to be in trouble with the law to use legal services. In fact, by having affordable access to the legal system you are empowered by knowing your legal rights. No doubt, the use of an attorney can oftentimes improve the outcome of your Life Happening events. Discover the secret of how over 1.7 million average families protect their legal rights.


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Employee Benefits

Question: When an employee comes to work with a legal or identity theft problem - How much productivity is lost? How much safety is compromised? How much creativity goes lacking? How much time is taken off (both at and away from the office)? How much does it cost your company? . . .  If you could help your most valuable asset in the area of legal services and identity theft, would you? 

YES, you would!


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Identity Theft Protection

Who is pretending to be you today? Identity Theft is the number one reported white-collar crime in the world. Many companies are monitoring your finances, but provide no services for the other areas of ID Theft that can (or may have) happen in your life. Don't just be monitored. Have the best to step in to help put your life back together if this misfortune happens to you - in ALL areas of ID Theft.


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Commercial Driver

Commercial Truck Driver - the backbone of the US economy. Do you sometimes feel the scale of justice in not tilted in your favor?

Is the government regulating you out of business?

With stricter CDL regulations now in place, you could use the power of the legal system on your side.


Finally, someone on your side!


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Small Business

You, the Small Business owner, have you ever had a question about hiring/firing employees? Have you ever signed a contract you didn't fully understand? Have you ever had trouble collecting on services rendered? Have you ever felt that the cost of having an attorney on retainer was too great? That all can end today. PLUS get business consultation services. ALL this for a lot less than you think.


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Business Opportunity

Parttime - Spare Time - Full Time - 

Now is YOUR time!

Are you feeling the affect of the economy?

Trouble balancing your monthly budget?

Looking for a backup plan?

Just want to accelerate your financial success?


Bring your financial goal. Bring your willingness to change lives. Start writing your success story, today! We can help.


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